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Writers need a writing plan

So many of us have this deep heart desire to write, but don’t know how to act on it. So you want to write – but you don’t do it. And all the time a quiet voice whispers in your head... you have a story to tell.


I've had a few of those whispers in my life (write a book, learn tango dancing, live on an island, learn free diving). I was lucky as I managed to get over the idea stage on many of these and put them into action in the real world to see if they were actually right for me (tango was a dud). I bashed out a book back in 2000. It wasn't great at all, but I learned what I did wrong. I fixed these rookie errors and tried again. It was marginally better and I got a publishing deal in 2003. Now I write for a living.

After doing this for 19 years 😳 I know that getting published is not about talent - it is about becoming a better and more proficient writer every time you write a book. Every writer has to walk down this path and learn the trade.

The sooner you start your walk the better. In my mentorships I unpack that desire to ‘write a book’ and break down the real steps you need to take to make it happen.

You will find that if you do act on these whispers a few things may happen:

You will rise to the challenge and do it and write that blooming book 🙌🏽

You will realise you don’t want to write a book at all and it was just an idea.

You will realise that you want to write - just not an entire book. Never has there been a time when it is more accessible to write a book, and to actually get it published.

So in 2019 I am going to encourage you to get into action.

Write the book.

Here’s my advice on how to set a practical writing goal and make it happen

Three actions you can start with now :

1. Book time in your diary to write in 2019.

2. Get an outline or plot for your book before you start

3. Do not stop writing until you reach at least 50,000 words (aim for 80,000)

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