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Meet Sarah Bullen

Mentor, agent, writing coach

Sarah Bullen is a multi-published author, international writing coach and literary agent. Founder of The Writing Room and Kent Literary, she has had over 180 books published by writers she has mentored over the last two decades.

As well as being a regular guest on talk shows, podcasts and writers’ circles, she has run writing immersions and retreats since 2015. Look at our gallery of authors here

Her own books have been on the shelves since 2005 and most recent titles are
Write your Book in 100 Days!  Stop Mucking about and Just Write It 
​and the NDE book
Love & Above – A Journey into Shamanism, Coma and Joy.

Sarah's latest book is Love and Above. A journey through Shamanism Coma and Joy.  has garnered international interest and attention with its sensational story. 

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