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The sexiest lines from romance novels

"And I mean to hear ye groan like that again. And to moan and sob, even though you dinna wish to, for ye canna help it. I mean to make you sigh as though your heart would break, and scream with the wanting, and at last to cry out in my arms, and I shall know that I've served ye well." Jamie Fraser. Outlander, Diana Gabaldon (above)

“He pulls me around and kisses me. "You're Mac," he says. "And I'm Jericho. And nothing else matters. Never will. You exist in a place that is beyond all rules for me. Do you understand that?"

I do. Jericho Barrons just told me he loves me.”

"She was branded into him now, he thought wildly, so red-hot and deep he might never see anything or anyone else again." — Caitlin Crews,His For Revenge

I love the one who punishes me well. - ANNE RICE, Beauty's Release

“I can smell the sex coming off you right now. I could take you down on this sidewalk and be up that skirt of yours in a heartbeat. And you wouldn't fight me, would you?"

"Now, we can be civilized and wait until we get home. Or we can get down to it right here. Either way, I'm dying to come inside of you again, and you're not going to say no." - Wrath to Beth

― J.R. Ward, Dark Lover

"Out of nowhere strong arms wrapped around her, scooping her up. They hefted her against a solid body that smelled of soap and citrus and what could only be the spicy scent of male flesh. A thread of heat eddied through her, warming her frozen body. The arms tightened and she felt the reassuring thud of Joss’s heart against her: calm, steady. Reassuring." — Annie West, Imprisoned by a Vow

“The last time I made a typing error and the lawyer summoned me to his office, two unusual things occurred. The first was that after he finished spanking me he told me to pull up my skirt. - Mary Gaitskill, Secretary

“I couldn't imagine Jericho Barrons as a child, going to school, face freshly scrubbed, hair neatly combed, lunch box in hand. He'd surely been spawned by some cataclysmic event of nature, to born.” Karen Marie Moning, Dreamfever

She shook her head but it was too late, and he was pulling her into his arms and bending his head to hers and she supposed that she could have stopped him. Should have stopped him. But no power in the world could have prevented her lips from parting in a sharp little gasp of remembered pleasure as he drove his mouth down like a man who had been starved of kisses." — Sharon Kendrick, The Sicilian's Passion

“The woman rolled her eyes. “DarkRiver males are damn possessive and complete exhibitionists during the mating dance.”

Sascha ran through her dictionary of changeling terminology and could find no fit. “Mating dance?”

Mercy whistled. Dorian winced. Tamsyn suddenly got interested in her dough. Clay and Vaughn mysteriously disappeared. Behind her, Lucas’s body was a hard wall of heat. “I think we need to discuss this upstairs.” - Nalini Singh, Slave to Sensation

"'I love you,' he said. 'Every broken piece of you, with every broken piece of me.'" — Maisey Yates, Avenge Me

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