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Called to come home

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Floating. Aeons ago I left the world of men, of form and substance. I am floating away in the universe. I know it is the universe as I can see stars and lights. I move through them. I know the lights are other souls, like me. Formless and free, just bright, blazing, clear lights. In the empty, vast place I have been in for so long, this beautiful music filled it, like a hum and a song. Before I had been a star. A being made only of light and energy. Formless and free. It was so peaceful and easy. There were no strings or attachments. It was just endless eternity. It was bliss. And then, I felt as if something touched me out there, beyond the stars. Something changed. Interestingly, in the ‘real world’ something was happening that very night. That night they had scheduled a meditation and prayer for me. There was one in my own home in Cape Town and friends from all over were invited. But all over the world people who knew me joined in. My sister Trish in Johannesburg held one at her house, where everyone gathered. My brother in New Zealand joined in with his entire church. Friends in the USA, Costa Rica and the UK joined. Not just family, but friends, churches, groups and people all around the world joined that night. At the same time, they all sat for a while and lit candles and prayed. My sisters Liz and Jayne led a meditation at my house sending me love and healing. I have always believed in prayer. It does not matter to me where it comes from – God, the universe, the earth, a higher power – any prayer is pure love. And I felt it. Because deep and far away, I heard something in the darkness. I heard voices calling me. It wasn’t as literal as that. It was an awareness that came to me. Though the dark space I had a clear, distinct, and real thought. It cut through like a beacon calling me. I know that this was the turning point for me. I have read many NDE stories after waking up and I know that this was the moment I made a choice. I had a conscious thought for the first time. It felt as if there were two threads pulling at me. One thread was my spirit, and that wanted to float away and be free. The other was my soul and it wanted to be somewhere. It was being called back, down and back to family and love. It was the soul calling I finally heard. Come home, it said. So, one clear thought entered my being. It was the thought that drove me for the next week until I finally woke up back in my body. Back. Get back. Get home. And that thought changed everything. I needed to get back. Away from here. The limbo. The purgatory. The surrender. The passivity. The waiting. The dying. I was getting out. And NOW. ​Like a beam of light, I was shooting back to earth. Just that single thought made it happen. It was fast and effortless; I shot through the universe at the speed of light. All of a sudden, I was on another plane. This plane was more familiar to me. It was on earth and there were forms and figures. This time I ended up in a southern state in the USA. I could see the land and recognise it. I could hear the accents. I felt relief to see forms I knew – rivers, boats, trees and voices and people, rather than just a vast emptiness.

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